Heraklion Old Town Application

This is a shortlist application hosted on ArcGIS online that presents Heraklion’s city centre sightseeing in five languages, Greek, English, French, German and Russian. The map presents local points of interest, intended to make life easier to the visitor, such as free bus service in the city centre, local information, parking spots, greenspaces for relaxation, and the city’s Venetian fortifications. Additionally, there is a route layer, presenting the optimal route to and from Heraklion International Airport and the location of Kastro Hotel, in the city centre.

The shortlist presents a selection of Heraklion’s treasures, such as monuments, churches with great history and local museums that preserve our common history through the ages. The presentation intends to facilitate the visitor to make tours in the city centre area in order to discover the particular sights of interest, by using the local free bus system. There is plenty information about mini bus routes and stops, and parking spots around the city centre in order to accomplish that.
All layers have additional information in the form of pop-up windows, thus providing further explanations and details about them. Contact us to create a personalized web application for your business needs!
 💡 Our Heraklion Old Town shortlist application is now part of the ESRI application Gallery   🙂  🙂  (as of 31/3/2018). Find it online @ESRI_Gallery