Web Map Applications

GeoInfoAnalysis is specialized in quality mapping for many purposes. The company uses the latest technological means for cartographic design. These include specialized hardware for capturing geographical data, and dedicated software, such as ArcGIS  Desktop and open source software. Our map products are developed using the most current remotely sensed images and extensive fieldwork by specialized personnel. There is a large range of cartographic design capabilities including general, thematic, topographic and topology mapping.

We produce dedicated mapping material for Tourism sector customers where we can provide a series of products including Hotel Services mini-maps, Area maps with local sightseeing, Function-maps for specific interests and more. The products vary depending on the sector needs.

Our more recent products include online maps production for Agro-Tourism facilities located in Crete. In these web maps we present the facility’s customers of the local services, along with regional sightseeing, excursions, trail maps (hiking, bicycle, off-road) and many more

We develop  your own web map application for your particular professional needs, selecting from a variety of methods. These could be hosted on ArcGIS online, on our servers, or your own, cconnected to your professional website. These web map applications aim to enhance your web page with informative details for your customers. We develop applications using Google Maps API, Google Earth API, OSM, ESRI ArcGIS.com and open source geoservers.

Potential Applications:

  • Municipalities
  • Culture & Archaeology
  • Fleet Management (SaaS)
  • Disaster Response
  • Environmental Management
  • Public Works & Utilities
  • Communications
  • Touristic Facilities – Eco & Agri Tourism (SaaS)