GeoInfoAnalysis Services

Given our specialization in Human Geography and Geographic Information Systems, GeoInfoAnalysis Services support decision-making for both public and private sector. This is achieved by researching and producing papers in the form of scientific reports or studies.

Agriculture Crop Mapping, Soil Prospectives, Growth Response, Crop Suitability, Cost Reduction, Precision Agriculture
Cartography Specialized mapbooks for public and private customers. Online webmaps and applications of geographic nature
Geographic Research & Surveying Quantitative & Qualitative techniques of research matching your criteria for social, economic, cultural, historical, political and environmental purposes
Geo Database Development & Management We develop and maitain your spatial databases, offerring on-site or remote technical support
Consulting We offer consulting for private and public sector in order to help decision-making in a number of areas that include urban planning, marketing, cadastre, land-use, design & rellocation of business functions